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  1. Under the Device Management Tab – Select “Add New Device Type” and Press OK at the Windows Pop-Up

2. The CMS Software will search your local network to discover NVR units or Cameras.

3. High-Light the unit that you would like to add and select “Add to Client”

4. Enter a Name for the Device and the Device User Name and Password. This is the User Name and Password that you setup to login to the device with a web browser

5. When the Device is successfully added it will show under Device for Management Table

6. If added an NVR you will be able to see all the Camera Ports listed under the Group Tab

7. To View your Devices added to the CMS Client Software – Select the Control Panel Tab – then Select Main View

8. On the Main Screen you can see your devices in the bottom left corner & you can change the camera view in the bottom right corner

9. Drag and Drop your cameras into the tiles where you would like to view them

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