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Cloud P2P Setup Instructions (Smart Phone)

1st – Create a Cloud P2P account

  1. Install and Launch your CCTV Viewer Application on your Android or iOS Device

  1. Select the Setting Icon on the Upper Left Corner.
  2. Create a Cloud P2P account by entering a user name and password and select register.

  1. Enter your email address and re-type the verification code on the right hand side of the screen. Press Get Verification and a new code will be emailed to you.

NOTE: if you get a pop-up message that “Email has been registered” this email account is already in use and you will need to enter a new email address.  This verification code will only be valid for 30 minutes.


  1. Enter the Verification Code that was sent to your email address
  1. Enter the user name and password that you setup in the previous steps
  2. Your Account is now created and you can login.

*There is an option for Auto-login that can be selected



2nd – Add a Device to your Account

  1. Now that you are logged into your Cloud Account you can Add a Device to your account by selecting the in the Could P2P section.
  2. Select the edit Icon to create device registration entry for your account.
  3. Enter your device (NVR) serial number and press search. This can be found on the regulatory label on the bottom of your device.
  4. Select your device by pressing the icon
  5. Enter you verification code that is on the regulatory label that is on the bottom of your device (6 Characters) and press confirm
  6. Your Device is now added to your Smart Phone Application


  1. P2P Cloud Technology is subject to numerous bandwidth, Security, and networking limitations.
  2. NEC does not suggest using this type of integration for reliable or secure video or audio installations (use at your own risk)
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