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1. Customer Retention time (HDD)
How long does the customer want to be able to view back his recordings? How long will it be until he realizes there is an event he needs to view? Most customers are content with 1 month (plenty) some are more in lines with at least 2 weeks.

* See downloads section for  a HDD calculator to help determine the storage needed

2. What type of camera shot will the customer want?
When he says he wants a camera “here” ask him what he would like to see in the playback – what is he trying to achieve. Every customer will have a different expectation of what the camera can see. Depending on seeing details like Face Detail/ License Plates, or just being able to see make/model/color of a vehicle can mean the difference between a fixed lens and a varifocal lens.

3. Determining the type of camera to use:
Higher the MegaPixel (MP) the better Digital Zoom you get on live view/playback. A general rule I use if you are mounting to a ceiling/awning you can use a dome (as long as you are trying to look downward). If you mount to a wall mostly use Bullets.

4. Determining between Bullet and Dome Application:
I know some people who put bullets everywhere – but sometimes they can just be visually intrusive. If you care trying to look anywhere from straight down to about 45° a dome is perfect – once you try to start to look out (say across a parking lot) you will want to choose a Bullet.
Reason being: A dome has a limit to how far it can look due to its housing (the lens is inside the housing) where a bullet can even look to the sky when mounted on a wall.

5. Fixed or Vari-focal Lens:
A fixed lens is a point and shoot camera – mostly in 4mm (domes have a 2.8 option). Now with a 4mm you have roughly an 80° FOV (Field of View) from where the camera sites – relate the 80° to that of a Right Angle (I know bringing back Geometry). A 2.8mm Lens has a 98.5° FOV. So if you are sticking a dome outside a 4mm will work (or a bullet), but inside with a 2.8mm you have the option to cover from wall to wall (a whole room up to 100 ft in HD detail) with one camera. A Vari-Focal (VF) Lens will allow you to set them FOV you want – a 3MP FV has a FOV of 105.2° – 31.9° via manual configuration (adjusting a Zoom and Focus Lever on the camera). Now these
are set and forget – and have to be done manually at the camera so allow time for the
technician to get the shot desired.

6. When to use mounting?
Mounts for domes are available for indoor/outdoor. If mounting to a wall putting a Bracket for dome is always a good idea. VF Bullets have conduit Mounts. We have a wide selection and don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions or options!

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