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Camera Setup - Manual
add camera manual

Add Camera - User Dashboard

**This is to add a Camera by the Manual Method in the Customer Dashboard

**To add a camera via Smart App See the Cloud Documentation for Camera Setup Plug-n-Play

From the User/Customer Dashboard Select Add Camera

Add Camera - Camera Infromation

Add Camera Information

  • Camera Name – (Example) use the location of where the camera is installed (Front Door)
  • Location – This Field is to Organize cameras into groups on the user Dashboard web interface
    • Example: Add a name like “Warehouse” to all cameras that are in the warehouse
  • Recording – Select this to enable Recording (you will need to also attach a monthly service plan later)
  • Type – Indicated the camera connection type
    • Cloud Camera – this is one of the supported Cameras you see in the Shop or provided by your distributor. Fully Secure & Encrypted communication without network setup
    • IP Camera – Generic or 3rd Party IP Camera ( you will need to setup Port Forwarding in your Network)
    • Mobile Stream – Turn your iOS or Android Device into a Surveillance Camera. This will use the Smart Application to stream Video from you smart phone to the cloud.
  • Timezone – Set the Timezone of where the camera is installed
  • Description – and any notes about the cameras or installation
  • Select Next

Add Camera - Camera Information Verification

  • Verify that all the entered information is correct.
  • Use the back arrow if you need to modify the entered information
  • Select Next to save your Camera Settings

  • You will now see a blank Thumbnail with your new Camera name on the home Camera Page

Add Camera - Copy the Secure Token

Copy the Secure Token

Navigate to the Camera Page

  • Select the Wrench on the Camera that you created/Added
  • In the Drop-Down Tool Bar select the Settings icon
  • Select the Token Key for the Access Key Pop-Up
  • Copy the Full Control Token – CTRL C
  • NOTE: Each Camera has a unique Token Key – do not use same key for more than one camera

Get the Unique Token

  • In the Pop-Up Window – select the “Other” Tab
  • Select the Copy Icon to copy the Full Control Access Token
    • The Token will be copied to your PC clip board

Add Camera - SADP Tool (Find Camera IP Address)

SADP Tool – Find your Cameras IP Address

  • Use the SADP Tool to find the IP Address of your Camera
  • Make sure your camera is set to DHCP or has a proper network address
  • DHCP Check with SADP Tool
  • Open your PC or Laptop
    • Start the SADP Tool
    • If you dont have the SADP Toll installed you can download it from the BLUE Surveillance Website:
      • Downloads – Applications – Tools – Network Camera Search Tool
    • After the SADP Tool is opened it will start to Search for network cameras
    • Select the Camera that you would like to enable DHCP
      • This can be verified with the Device Serial Number printed on the bottom of the Camera
    • If your camera is not found – try to use the SADP Refresh Button
    • Check Enable DHCP
    • Enter your Camera Password
      • If the Camera does not have a password assigned it will prompt you to enter a password
    • Press Modify – and your camera will now request a DHCP address
    • When your Camera reboots – you will see it in the SADP Monitor screen with a new IP Address

Add Camera - Update Camera Firmware

Login to your NEC Supported Camera

  • Open a Chrome Web Browser on your Laptop or PC
  • Optional: Install IE Chrome Plugin ( this will allow you watch Video in your Browser)

  • Enter the IP Address of  you Camera into the IE Search Bar (IP Address from Add Camera – SADP Tool (Find Camera IP Address)

Update Camera Software

  • Access the Camera User Interface
    • User: admin
    • Pass: enter your camera password
  • Goto Configuration – Maintenance
  • Under Upgrade Browse your local folders and select the digicap.dav file (download camera software here)
  • Select Upgrade

Add Camera - Import Application File

Import Application File

  • After the Camera Fimware has been updated and the camera reboots you will need to add the Secure Application File
  • Import the Cloud Application File
    • In the Camera Configuration – Open Application – Select Import
  • Under Open Platform
    • Select Application
    • Browse to the Cloud Application File (Download Here)
    • Select Import
    • After File is Imported – Select Start

Add Camera - Add Secure Token

Add Secure Token

  • Under Open Platform
    • Select Streamer APP
    • Copy/Paste the Secure Token Key you copied in the Above Step (Add Camera – Copy the Secure Token)
    • Enter Camera User Name and Password
    • Select Save
  • Your Camera will now connect to the Cloud under the Camera Name of the Token Key that you copied

NOTE: Each Camera has a unique Token Key – do not use same key for more than one camera

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