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Using your Application for Plug-n-Play

Network Camera Search


Found Network Cameras

search camera

Enter Camera Infomation


Update & Attach to Cloud


Add a New Camera - General

Add a New Camera

  • Plug-N-Play Mode from you iOS or Android Application
  • Make sure your Phone (WiFi) and cameras are on the same local network (LAN)
  • Make sure your Cameras are set to DHCP Enable or have a Static IP Address assigned (Must be an IP Address corresponding with the proper subnet that it is attached to)

Select the + icon

  • On your Application Home Camera Page Press the + icon in the Top Right Corner
  • The App will scan your Local network for Cloud Cameras
  • Any Plug-n-Play supported Network Cameras will be displayed

Step 2 - Camera Discovery

Camera Discovery

Items to Consider before Starting

  • Your Application will search for cameras on the local network
  • Make sure you Phone is connected to a WiFi network
  • Make sure your Cameras are connected to the local work with POE
  • Allow you cameras to boot and be online for a few minutes both you try to Discover the Cameras with the App
  • Make sure Camera are set to DHCP

Step 3 - Select Your Camera

Select the Camera that  you would like to add to your Cloud Account

  • After a few minutes your App will show you the Cloud Cameras that it has found on you network.
  • Cameras not connect to the Cloud will be marked as Not Yet Active
  • You can match specific cameras by serial # on the search results with the serial # printed on the bottom of the camera.

Press NEXT

Step 4 - Enter Camera Information

Enter Camera Information

Enter Unique Information about your camera

  • User Name: admin
  • Password: Set a strong password and write it down
  • Name: Descriptive Camera Name (example: Front Door)
  • Location: This name is used to organize cameras into groups on our Web Dashboard

Step 5 - Camera Updates

Camera Updates

The camera will check your setting and Auto-Update Firmware and Secure Tokens

Camera Activation

  • Camera will be attached to your cloud account

IP Camera Configuration

  • Camera will get new IP Address from DHCP

IP Camera F/W update

  • If new Camera software is available it will auto-install at this time
  • This step will take a few minutes and your camera will reboot

Application Install

  • The Secure Video Streaming software will be installed on your camera

Application Configuration

  • All your Cloud Camera Configuration settings will download to your camera


  • When complete your will see Check Marks for all Items
  • Your Camera will now be attached to your account
  • If you see a Red X your updates have failed
    • Check to Make Sure your Camera is Set to DHCP


Check to Make Sure your Camera is set to DHCP

DHCP Check with SADP Tool

Open your PC or Laptop

  • Start the SADP Tool
  • If you dont have the SADP Toll installed you can download it from the BLUE Surveillance Website:
    • Downloads – Applications – Tools – Network Camera Search Tool
  • After the SADP Tool is opened it will start to Search for network cameras
  • Select the Camera that you would like to enable DHCP
    • This can be verified with the Device Serial Number printed on the bottom of the Camera
  • If your camera is not found – try to use the SADP Refresh Button
  • Check Enable DHCP
  • Enter your Camera Password
    • If the Camera does not have a password assigned it will prompt you to enter a password
  • Press Modify – and your camera will now request a DHCP address



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