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Are you not able to see the LIVE View on a local Monitor or Web Browser?


In the lastest software there is a new parameter that will Encrypt the Video Image.  This is to give an extra layer of security to your Surveillance System.

This feature can be Disabled by going to – CONFIGURATION – NETWORK – ADVANCED – PLATFORM ACCESS and disabling encryption mode (See Below)



If you see a pop-up at the bottom right screen corner in your browser when trying to access a video stream from a camera in CMS Live View.

The ‘key’ or password that you need to enter is the “Verification Code” that you set when you enabled and set up Platform Access for Guarding Vision remote viewing.  In this setup you would have created a cloud account – see page Setup Guarding Vision.

This is your secret code, which you should only share with others that you wish to view your video.

** Un-Check the Enable Button if you do not wish to encrypt your stream.


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