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Where do I get the Application

  • The iOS and Android applications can be downloaded from the default Apple iTunes Store or Google Play
  • In your App Store Search for : BLUE Surveillance”
  • Both Applications are Free to Use
  • Applications are supported on Most Cell Phones and Tablets
    • If you have a problem with the app installing – let us know
  • Android Side Load
    • If you have an Android Device without Google Services (Google Play) contact us for the Application


Application Login

Application Login Page

  • Use the Same User Name & Password you created and use with your Web Dashboard login

Login Credentials

  • User Name
    • This is your registered email address
  • Password
    • This is the Password that you setup with the Invite Email that you recieved from the Dealer Creating you an account or if  you created your own account form the Web Dashboard

Forgot Password

  • This will send a restore password link to your email address

Create New Account

  • Submits a request to create an account
  • Enter your Dealer UID
    • You can get this from your Dealer if you do not know
  • Enter your name and the Email Address you would like to associate your Cloud Account with.
    • This is the email address that an Invite Email will be set
    • This is the email address that you will use to login to  your account


Application Home (Camera Page)

Home (Camera Layout)

  • Home or Camera Layout Screen
    • You will see Thumbnails of an Image from each of your Cameras
  • Scroll up and down to view all the cameras in your account
  • Select the Play Icon to Start a LIVE View
  • Features
    • Add a New Camera – Search for Cameras to Add on your Network
    • See Alerts – Select the Alert Icon to view Motion Alerts
    • See Archived Video Clips – Press to navigate to your Cloud Archive Page
    • Profile/Logout – See App Version and Logout of the Application
    • Mobile Stream – Stream Video from your App to your Cloud Account

LIVE & Recorded Video

Play your LIVE or Recorded Video

  • Search Time & Date
    • Enter a Custom Time & Date by selecting the Calendar Menu Icon
    • Select Anywhere on the Blue Time Bar to pay recorded video
    • Use the Arrows at each end of the Time Bar to scroll history
  • Adjust Playback in Hours, Minutes
    • Select HR, MIN or 12H to adjust the Time Bar Duration
  • Lock Screen in Landscape Mode
    • Use the Lock Icon to Lock the App Orientation.
    • When Locked if you Cell Phone moves from Vertical to Horizontal the app will not re-adjust
  • Pause/Play
    • Toggle Between the Pause and Play Icon to View Video
  • Screen Crop and Zoom
    • The Format Icon will adjust your Video Image into different size formats
    • When selecting between formats -the Icon with a Magnifying Glass will allow you to Zoom IN & OUT by sliding 2 Figures

Events Page

Use the Event Page to View and Archive your Cloud Camera Events

Camera Events

  • Select the Bell Icon on the bottom Application Toolbar to view your Events
  • Camera Events will be sorted from new to old
  • Select the Event Thumbnail to view the Video

Search Events

  • Name – Use the Magnifying icon to search events by Camera Name
  • Time and Date – Use the Date & Time Icon to enter a specific time and date that you would like to narrow down the displayed Events

Archive Page

The Archive Page will show you all the Video Clips that you have saved to your Cloud Archive

  • The Cloud Archive is your permanent Video Clip Storage
  • These Video Clips will not be deleted in relation to your Monthly Service Plan duration
  • View and Playback your Archive Clips in your Application Player
  • To create and move Video Clips to your Archive – visit your Web Dashboard

Mobile Streaming


Turn your Cell Phone or Tablet into a Surveillance Camera

  • Provide Mobility and Real-Time Surveillance Recording from a iOS or Android Device
  • Press the Center Camera Icon on the Home Page to Open your Mobile Streamer
  • Your Cloud Account will Auto-Sync to your iOS or Android Application based on the Credentials used to login to the Mobile Application
  • In your Cloud Account you will have a Thumbnail Named “Mobile Camera” assigned to your iOS or Android Device
  • Attach a Monthly Service Plan to  your Mobile Camera using the Web Dashboard. You will be able to use the same Monthly Plans as the Physical Cameras

Wherever your location have the ability to capture Live Events and Securely Store them in the Cloud

  • Stream Video from you Cell Phone to the Cloud
  • View Recorded and LIVE Video in Mobile App and Web Browser
  • Each User Login will have 1 Mobile Account Auto-created

Camera Controls

  • Orientation – Landscape/Portrait
  • Audio – Mic On/Off
  • Cameras – Front or Back Cell Phone Camera

Mobility – Perfect Solution for Team Members on the move. Capture Video in any location

Easily Shareable – Share Video Recordings to Authorized Users directly from your SINC Account

Immediate Results – Allow users to see Live Video Streamed from your Device to the SINC Dashboard

Global Reach – Start Steaming Video anywhere your Device has Cell (LTE) or WiFi connection

Ensured Delivery – The SINC App will securely connect to your Personal SINC Cloud Account

No Limitation – Record Video on Demand or as long as you want. SINC will Record it all

Private Recording – Due to sensitivity of Surveillance Recordings, Social Media is not where you want to share

Who Can Use

Mobile Streaming can be used in areas where traditional Surveillance Cameras are not located or you have needs for immediate Real-Time Viewing & Secure Recording

  • Security – Record Video as Security patrols remote areas or personal interventions with employees or intruders
  • Facilities – Allow Building Facilities members to record Video of Work in Progress, Issues or Work Validation
  • Teachers – Give Staff the ability quickly record events and store them privately in a secure account


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