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How it Works

Our cameras securely stream video to our Cloud Server by uploading live video of each camera to your Cloud Account. When the video is uploaded to the cloud we will store your live video in secure servers for playback.  You can also watch this live video on your Smart Device with iOS and Android applications or by logging into your account via web browser. After Video is stored in our servers you can download and view the footage on your phone, tablet or web browser for historical viewing.

NOTE: Your camera will atomically adjust video quality based on the available internet bandwidth

Internet Bandwidth Requirements

Bandwidth is commonly referred to as how fast your internet connection is or what is your internet speed. When Streaming your video to the cloud for secure storage,  your internet connection’s upload and download speed (bandwidth) are both very important roles.

Rule of Thumb: Each Camera will need 2Mbps of upload bandwidth

Check Your Bandwidth

Always check with your internet service provider to learn about your Internet Service plan’s upload and download speeds. If they don’t meet the requirements you many need to  so you can see if your provide has other plans that will accommodate these requirements.

NOTE: You should also inquire about data usage with your internet service plan.  Make sure there are no data usage caps in place or overage charges

It is recommended that you perform a internet speed test using a PC connected to your network.  This will verify your actual upload and download speeds in Mbps and that you have internet connection. Below is a speed check resource from Google.

Click Here: Google Speed Test

Rule of Thumb: Each Camera will need 2Mbps of upload bandwidth



How Much Bandwidth is Used


Your camera stream video to your cloud account you will be using your internet service bandwidth that you checked in “Checking Your Bandwidth”. This can limit other devices or applications on your network trying to use some of these same internet service bandwidth.

Streaming HD movies, online gameing and file sharing are all activities that tht need to share your available internet bandwidth. Adding cameras can cause even more competition for bandwidth creating congestion on your internet service connection.

Common Indications that your Internet Connection is Congested:

    • Video Playback on your phone, tablet, or computer freezes, or is jittery
    • Watching a Video Playback on a good connection and the Video had low quality or looks to be jerky

If you see any of these issues,

    • try turning off other internet connected devices and devices to see if this frees up some bandwidth.
    • Run the Google Speed Test to verify your connection speed


The Camera Service Plans have different requirements for  bandwidth do to the plans video quality. The maximum video quality for your camera will be automatically set no matter which plan you choose. Your camera will automatically adjust its resolution and frame rate according to available bandwidth.

See Below for a general idea of how much bandwidth your camera uses based on Camera Plans

SD (.5Mbps) HD (1Mbps) HD+ (2Mbps)
Starter 720P 720-1080P 1080P-4K
Standard 720P 720-1080P 1080P-4K
Premier 720P 720-1080P 1080P-4K
Premier Plus 720P 720-1080P 1080P-4K

How Much Download Bandwidth is Used


Download bandwidth is only being used when you are playing back or watching live video on your Smart App or Web Browser. Your camera also use small amounts of bandwidth when downloading Video Clips, updates or updates to cameras.

    • Watching video while connected to your Internet Service usually requires the same amount of bandwidth it took to upload the video to the Cloud Service.
    • If you are using a Smart Device connected over3G or 4G , the smart application will automatically compensates for slower connection speeds by lowering the video resolution/quality.
    • When connected over your Phone’s Cellular Service Plan be aware that you are using your data plan.  You should consult with your service provider and make sure that you have an adequate data plan and will not be charged overages.

Note: Regardless of the download connection speed and quality, this will not affect your cameras upload video quality to the cloud.

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