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Setup Cloud P2P (CMS)


Add a Device to CMS from the Local LAN or Network Segment

  1. Got to Encoding to and select add a new device
  2. For a Device on a local LAN or Network
    1. Device Name – Enter an identifiable Name in this Field
    2. Address – Use the SADP Tool to scan your network for the IP Address of your devices. Most installations you will only need to use your NVR Address.
    3. Port – default setting will be Port 8000. This can be changed in Network Configuration.
    4. User Name and Password – Enter your device user name and password (Default User: admin Default Pass: admin12345)
  3. Enter the requested parameters and press Add

Enable Cloud P2P on your Device (check device type to see if supported)

  1. Login to your NVR via Web Browser
  2. Select the Configuration Tab
  3. Select Network – Advanced Settings
  4. Select Platform Access
    1. Under Platform Access Select Enable
    2. From the Platform Access Mode drop down mode select “Cloud P2P”
    3. Note – Register Status will show “Offline” until setup is complete

Setup and Create a Cloud P2P Account (Also see Cloud P2P for Smart Phone)

  1. Launch the CMS Client
  2. Select Device Management from the home screen
  3. Under the Server Tab, Select Add New Device Type
  4. Select Cloud P2P Device
  5. Create a Cloud Account for you device by selecting Cloud P2P and click “Register”
  6. Enter Parameters
    1. Cloud P2P Account – Enter a unique name
    2. Password – create a unique Password
    3. Email – enter a email address where you verification code will be sent and your account will be registered to
    4. Retype the 4 digit code and press “Get Verification Code” – this will be sent to the email address in item C.
      1. NOTE: if you get invalid email the email might have an account already associated to it. Type a different email address.
    5. Email Verification Code – Enter the code send to the Email Address entered above
    6. Press Register
      1. NOTE: if you get an error account has already be used enter a new Cloud P2P Account Name.
    7. With successful registration you will get a Login Window requesting you to login. (user your Cloud P2P Account name and Password entered above).
  7. Add a new Device- select the add a new Device icon.
  8. Enter you serial number and verification code.
    1. The Serial Number and Verification Codes can be found on the label on the bottom of your NVR.



  1. Make sure a proper DNS is setup in the NVR. A good recommendation is Google DNS at
  2. P2P configuration doesn’t provide a static URL to your NCR’s potentially-changing public IP address
  3. P2P provides a video stream tied a user account not IP Address
  4. It is more of a simplistic viewing platform as opposed to a DDNS service
  5. Not Recommended for larger enterprise or corporate networks
  6. There are some security risks – ask your IT manager
  7. Video Images are not consistent like DDNS or Static URL configurations
  8. You may see some but not all video streams and there is a connection timeout, bandwidth and quality limitations while using P2P.
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