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Cloud Features

Continuous Recording

Record and Store your Surveillance Video all day and night. Do not settle for just a few seconds of a video clip that might not tell the complete story.

Web Dashboard

Install as many cameras as you like from as many sites as you like. You can Securely View and organize all you cameras and sites in a Single sign in Dashboard

Free Applications

Flexible options to view your surveillance cameras with a simple web browser or download an iOS or Android application to your phone or tablet.

Mobile Streaming

Turn your Cell Phone into an On-Demand Surveillance Camera. Mobile Streaming can be used in areas where traditional Surveillance Cameras are not located


Securely and Permanently store video clips in your Cloud Account. You can Access, Playback, Download and Share these Video Clips from your Dashboard

SD Backup

Add a standard SD card to your Cloud Cameras for backup if you internet goes down. Recorded Video Files will auto-sync to your cloud account when internet is restored

Event Notifications

Motion and Audio Events are sent to your iOS & Android devices. You can also View, Archive and Share your Video and Event from your Dashboard

Secure & Encrytped

Safely and Securely view your surveillance video from any Global Location. We encrypt your video from the camera to the cloud to your viewing device.

Video Platform in a Module

Solution Flexibility

  • Get Live and recorded video in multiple forms: video streaming, images, clips and interface to AI engines
  • Instant Access using web and mobile application for anywhere and at anytime
  • Record and Playback with full NVR functionality
  • Multi-format live streaming with On-The-Fly conversion into multiple formats

Surveillance Cloud involves sending many of the functions of a traditional video surveillance system to a third-party provider. Cameras are installed at the customer’s site, but instead of the video being streamed to on-premises computers or network video recorders (NVRs), it is streamed to systems in our data facility.

End users can access and view video over the Internet on PC’s and Smart Devices, rather than paying for video management software and hardware. We do all the technical back-end storage, security,maintenance, and software update management. Cloud Surveillance allows you to focus on your business.


With secure video in the cloud, we offer a variety of options for a single small installation to a large campus or Franchise locations

  • Retail Outlets & Franchise Locations
  • Banking & Finance
  • Cafe, Restaurants or Bars
  • Hotel & Residential Buildings
  • Constructions Sites

Surveillance in the Cloud is designed for business owners who don’t want the hassle of complicated and expensive surveillance systems. With no required hardware or advanced security knowledge, you can get started quickly. Whether you have one or many locations, Surveillance Cloud lets you manage all your sites in a single dashboard  24/7 on-demand surveillance.


Gallons Of Coffee
Late Night Phone Calls
Pizza Deliveries
Customer Satisfaction

Surveillance Cloud vs. Local NVR

Here are a few reasons why.

Surveillance Cloud

Setup any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a single user dashboard that offers access from anywhere in the world, at anytime from any device. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small store or several thousand in a major retail chain, We have your needs covered.

Local NVR

Local NVR (Network Video Recorder) involve technical experience in networking and configuration knowledge and are at risk of hard drive failures & theft that would erase all your video recordings. With concerns on network security and video privacy rules – remote access is not a proper solution.

We make it easy for you to deploy your Surveillance to the Cloud.

So what are you waiting for? Get Signed Up today!

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