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User & Dealer Login

Home Login:

  • User Name: Email Address
  • Password: User Defined
    • Invited Users will received an email with at link to setup their password

Remember Me – Set a cookie to retain email and password

Forgot Password – Redirect to a new site to reset a password

Create a new account – Request Admin to setup a new dealer or customer account


Camera Home

You can View:

  • Thumbnail Images of Cameras – Used for a Live View from your Cameras
  • “Location” Camera Grouping – Group Cameras into Categories or Locations
  • Add Camera – Add a New Camera to your Dashboard
  • Events – See your Motion and Audio Events
  • Archive – Permanently Store Video Clips for later Playback
  • *Services – Attached a Monthly Service Plan to your Camera
  • *Shop – Purchase new Cameras and Accessories

Video Player & Features

Use the Video Player to watch Live Video from your Cameras


  • The Calendar Icon can be used to Select Time & Date and view Recorded Video
  • Time-bar can used used to manual scroll back and forwards in your recorded history

Playback Modes

  • Low Latency Mode – Give a more Real-Time video feed with only 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution Mode – More Delay but better Picture Quality
  • Both Modes are for Playback only and do not affect Cloud Recording Quality

Events Page

Motion and Audio Events will be sent to your iOS & Android Applications and Saved to your Events Page

  • Quick Reference to see all of your recorded Events
  • Select a Camera under a group & add a Search Filter to narrow down and sort your camera event results
  • Scroll up/down to see Dates and history
  • Move Events to your Archive Account for Permanent Storage and Sharing

Archive Page

  • The Archive can be used for permanent storage
  • These video Clips will only be deleted by the User
  • Retain Clips longer than your service plan
  • Download Clips to your local PC
  • Share Clips with outside parties with custom URL
  • 1GB of Storage is provided Free
  • Add Additional storage when needed

Services Page

Select the Cameras that you would like to attach a Service Plan

  • You can select multiple cameras at one time
  • Selecting Multiple Cameras will add the same plan to all cameras

Choose your Plan

  • Select one of the many monthly service plans available that fit your customers needs
  • Verify your Cameras/Plans & Enter Payment Information

Shop Page

Shop for Hardware

  • See all Cloud Cameras & Accessories
  • Review Specifications

Select the Camera you would like to add to your Cloud

  • You can select multiple Camera Types

Adjust Quantities & Enter Payment Information

  • Adjust the Camera or Accessories Quantities needed for each item
  • Add Payment and Shipping Information

Invite Email

When the Dealer Creates a new User, an Invite will be sent to the email address entered in the Add User Account on the Dealer Management Portal.

The Invite will come from Blue Surveillance with the Title “Invite”

In the Invite there will be a “Set” button that will take the user to their login page where they will create their personal password

app home2

Applications - Home Page

View all the cameras in your account


  • Add a New Camera
  • See Alerts
  • See Archived Video Clips
  • Profile/Logout
  • Mobile Stream

Applications - Play Window

Play your LIVE or Recorded Video


  • Search Time & Date
  • Adjust Playback in Hours, Minutes
  • Lock Screen in Landscape Mode
  • Pause/Play
  • Screen Crop and Zoom
search camera

Application - Add a New Camera


  • Make sure your Phone (WiFi) and cameras are connected to the same local network (LAN)

Select the + icon

  • The App will scan your Local network for Cloud Cameras
  • Found Network Cameras will be displayed
  • Select and Add Information to Cameras that you want to connect to your Cloud Account
app events

Applications - Events Page

Motion & Audio Events

  • Event Notifications will be push to your iOS or Android Devices
  • View Thumbnails and Playback your event video

Search Events

  • Create a Filter to search by Camera Name or Time & Date of the Event

Applications - Archive Page

View your Archived Video Clips

  • Playback Permanently Store Video Clips
  • See File Size and Video Duration
  • Download a Archive Video Clip to your Local Device



Applications - Mobile Straming

Turn your Cell Phone into a Security Camera

  • Stream Video from you Cell Phone to the Cloud
  • View Recorded and LIVE Video in Mobile App and Web Browser
  • Each Dashboard User Login will have 1 Mobile Account Auto-Created

Camera Controls

  • Orientation – Landscape/Portrait
  • Audio – Mic On/Off
  • Cameras – Front or Back Cell Phone Camera


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