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Adding the cameras

In the Milestone Management Application:
1. Open the Milestone Management Client
2. Under Servers – Select your Recording server that you want to attach the camera to.
3. Right Click and Select Add Hardware

4. You will have 3 Options to add a device

  • Express – Auto scan your network (easy) * If your camera are on multiple subnets this might not work
  • Address Range – you can set a IP Address Range to scan
  • Manual – Use if you know your camera IP Address


  1. Select Express and the Next Button and you will be prompted to enter your cameras user name and password
  2. Select the Add Button and enter name “admin” and enter the Password of your NEC Cameras (Default: 12345 or admin12345)
  3. ** Only Check the box of the user name and password that you want Milestone to attempt to login to your camera

3. Select Next and Milestone will search the local subnet network for cameras, and attempt to login with the user name and password that you entered above

4. Verify how you want your camera to be listed

5. Set your Camera Group – I have left mine in the default camera group – And select Finish

6. No you will see you new camera added under  your recording Server

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