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What is Mobile Streaming

Turn your Cell Phone or Tablet into an On-Demand Surveillance Camera. Allow team members on the move to capture and record video directly to the Surveillance Cloud

Mobile Streaming

Wherever your location have the ability to capture Live Events and Securely Store them in your Cloud Account

Cost Effective

Choose any of the Service Plans in your Account to support Mobile Recording


Perfect Solution for Team Members on the move. Capture Video in any location


Share Video Recordings to Authorized Users directly from your Account

Immediate Results

Allow users to see Live Video Streamed from your Smart Device to the User Dashboard

Private Recording

Due to sensitivity of Surveillance Recordings, Social Media & Private Devices are not where you want to store Corporate Video

Global Reach

Start Steaming Video anywhere your Device has Cell (LTE) or WiFi connection

Where it can be used

Mobile Streaming can be used in areas where traditional Surveillance Cameras are not located or you have needs for immediate Real-Time Viewing & Secure Recording


Record Video as Security patrols remote areas or personal interviews with employees or intruders


Allow Building Facilities members to record Video of Work in Progress, Issues or Work Validation


Give Staff the ability quickly record events and store them privately in a secure account

Mobile Workers

Great for mobile workers like Technicians, Insurance Agents, and Construction Contractors visiting remote sites

What are you waiting for? Move your surveillance to the cloud today!

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