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Mobile Streaming

What is Mobile Streaming

Turn your Cell Phone or Tablet into a Surveillance Camera

  • Provide Mobility and Real-Time Surveillance Recording from a iOS or Android Device
  • Press the Center Camera Icon on the Home Page to Open your Mobile Streamer
  • Your Cloud Account will Auto-Sync to your iOS or Android Application based on the Credentials used to login to the Mobile Application
  • In your Cloud Account you will have a Thumbnail Named “Mobile Camera” assigned to your iOS or Android Device
  • Attach a Monthly Service Plan to  your Mobile Camera using the Web Dashboard. You will be able to use the same Monthly Plans as the Physical Cameras

Mobility – Perfect Solution for Team Members on the move. Capture Video in any location

Easily Shareable – Share Video Recordings to Authorized Users directly from your SINC Account

Immediate Results – Allow users to see Live Video Streamed from your Device to the SINC Dashboard

Global Reach – Start Steaming Video anywhere your Device has Cell (LTE) or WiFi connection

Ensured Delivery – The SINC App will securely connect to your Personal SINC Cloud Account

No Limitation – Record Video on Demand or as long as you want. SINC will Record it all

Private Recording – Due to sensitivity of Surveillance Recordings, Social Media is not where you want to share

Who Can Use

Mobile Streaming can be used in areas where traditional Surveillance Cameras are not located or you have needs for immediate Real-Time Viewing & Secure Recording

  • Security – Record Video as Security patrols remote areas or personal interventions with employees or intruders
  • Facilities – Allow Building Facilities members to record Video of Work in Progress, Issues or Work Validation
  • Teachers – Give Staff the ability quickly record events and store them privately in a secure account

Application Setup

Login to your mobile iOS or Android Application

Use the same credentials that are used for your Web Dashboard Login

  • User Name will be an Email Address
  • Password you will setup when you receive an invite email from your Dealer or Creating a new account from the Web Login Home Page

When you login successfully to the Application – the login credential will automatically associate your Mobile Streaming application to your Cloud Account


Camera Controls

Camera Controls

  • Orientation – Recording format in Landscape/Portrait
  • Audio – The your Cell Phone Mic On or Off
  • Cameras – Toggle between the Front or Back Cell Phone Camera
  • Start & Stop – This will start or stop the recording of video to your Cloud Account

View from Web Dashboard

Wherever your location have the ability to capture Live Events and Securely Store them in your Cloud Account

  • Stream Video from you Cell Phone to the Cloud
  • View Recorded and LIVE Video in your Web Dashboard just like your other cameras
  • View Recorded Video in your iOS or Android Applications
  • Each User Dashboard will have 1 Mobile Account Auto-created
    • The credentials used to login to your iOS or Android Application will sync your Mobile Stream to your Dashboard
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