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Hassle-Free Surveillance Hosting starting at $6.99/mo

What Makes Our Solution Great

$$Dollars and Sense$$ – What is the Recording Cost Comparison?

I want to record 4 – 4MP Cameras and keep the recording for a week:

  • Surveillance Cloud: Basic Plan $6.99 per camera x 4 Cameras = $335 a year
  • Local Recording – NVR Cost $305 + $240 6TB Hard Drive = $545

Added Benefits of Cloud Recording

Keep an eye on things while you’re away from the office with event notifications and recordings stored either locally or in the cloud.

We have implemented a system guaranteeing data security and uninterrupted service for video surveillance cameras.

All traffic is fully encrypted in keeping with the same SSL standard applied to banking operations.

We let you avoid constantly missing events that should be recorded to the cloud by offering continuous recording and saving not only events triggered by Motion or Sound but all day 24/7 recording

Security and Remote Surveillance

Setup any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a single user dashboard that offers access from anywhere in the world, at anytime from any device. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small office or several thousand in a major retail chain, we have your needs covered.

Active notifications

Be informed of anything suspicious, saving time spent scrolling through recordings. We will alert you for motion and sound detection right to your Mobile and Desktop Applications.

Flexible Management for User Access

No matter what kind of business you run or how big or small it is, Video Surveillance Cloud offers you flexible user access management.  Setup as many users as you like, with different privileges on a per-user basis.

Public Access

You can use Video Surveillance Cloud’s Public Access technology to set up a live feed on your Website or Social Media. You can also share cameras in your account with other users of our Video Cloud Service. Let our data centers handle the added traffic, while providing users secure access to the cloud.

Cloud Hosting

With the power of cloud hosting you will see numerous benefits over legacy on-site recording.

Install as many cameras as you like
Access Live and Archive Video
View from any Device
Setup Hybrid Storage
Encrypted – SSL Secure
Real-Time Notifications
Unlimited User Access

Easy of Use

Cameras are fully functional IP cameras capable of interacting directly with the company’s IT networking rules. They represent the simplest and most reliable way to enhance any location with video surveillance.

No Network Setup
Autonomy from IT Management
NO Port Forwarding
Encrypted Camera to Device

Who Should Use

With secure video in the cloud, we offer a variety of options for a single small installation to a large campus or Franchise locations

Retail Outlets & Franchise Locations
Banking & Finance
Corporate Warehouse
Cafe, Restaurants or Bars
Hotel & Residential Buildings
Schools and Campus
Constructions Sites
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Setup your customers to watch their video securely from any device, at any time from any location. They can watch their video on a smart device with iOS and Android Applications.  They can also view live and recorded video with their PC via web Browser.

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